- In the launch screen prompt you can ask for anything. Though some ideas work better than others. Some suggestions:
- Pirate treasure on the mystery island
- Cyberpunk ninja action on a bright, foggy morning
- Dinosaur Park

- Create your weapons! Imagination is your only limit. Some inspiration to get going:
- Give me a musketeer that shoots exploding coconuts

- Give me a teddy bear launcher
- Give me a machine gun that shoots fire

- If the game is running poorly you can try one of the following prompts while game is running:
   "/set resolution 1920x1080"
  "/set quality 3"
Please note: you will need to restart the game to have the quality setting in effect.

If you would like to do some more advanced things here are a few commands to try out
 - Use # to see the object ids so that you can specify your instructions to specific object
 - "/codegen #objectID prompt" allows you to add behaviour to specific object