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Ever dreamed of making your own games but found coding too hard? At Bitmagic, we believe you can create games too! Now you can design your playable game world in real time – no matter where you are or what language you speak.

Imagine amazing 3D games just the way you want them, without the hassle of coding. With Bitmagic, it's all possible. Your games are fully tunable through simple, user-friendly prompting.

Recent News

Bitmagic Raises $4 Million Seed Round Led by Korea Investment Partners, Supercell, and Sisu Game Ventures

Helsinki, Finland – July 2, 2024 – Bitmagic, a pioneering force in generative AI technology, proudly announces the successful completion of a $4 million seed funding round and the immediate public availability of the Bitmagic platform on Steam Playtest. This milestone underscores Bitmagic’s mission to democratize game development through its innovative text-to-game platform, enabling anyone to create fully playable multiplayer games within seconds simply by typing their desired game scenario.

The funding round was led by Korea Investment Partners (KIP), one of Asia’s leading venture capital firms, with participation from Supercell, Sisu Game Ventures, and a group of notable angel investors, including Zak Phelps, former Senior Director of Product Design on Fortnite Creative who joins Bitmagic as an advisor, and Maarten De Koning, partner at DDM (Digital Development Management), who joins Bitmagic's board of directors.

"We are thrilled to have the support of such esteemed investors and the expertise of industry leaders like Zak Phelps and Maarten De Koning," said Jani Penttinen, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitmagic. "This investment will propel our efforts to make game creation accessible to everyone, unleashing a new wave of creativity in the gaming industry."

Michael K. Lee, Executive Director at Korea Investment Partners, commented, "We are incredibly excited to support Bitmagic. Their innovative approach and advanced use of generative AI techniques position them as a true game changer in the industry. After evaluating competitors globally, we found Bitmagic to be significantly ahead of the curve, and we believe they have the potential to redefine the future of game development and user-generated content creation."

Bitmagic’s groundbreaking platform leverages state-of-the-art generative AI to transform textual descriptions into fully interactive, multiplayer 3D games. This technology eliminates the traditional barriers to game development, empowering users of all skill levels to bring their game ideas to life with unprecedented ease.

In conjunction with the funding announcement, Bitmagic is excited to reveal that their platform is now publicly available for free via Steam Playtest. This launch invites gamers and developers alike to explore and create with Bitmagic’s revolutionary technology.

"We believe that by providing free access to our platform, we can inspire a diverse community of creators and showcase the limitless potential of generative AI in game development. This is an early version and we are still just scratching the surface of what will eventually be possible, but already now you can use Bitmagic to create games only professional game developers could have developed," added Penttinen.

For more information about Bitmagic and to join the Steam Playtest, visit

3D Game Creation on Steam Made Easy

Greetings, gamers!

Ever dreamt of creating your own games but felt held back by design skills or tech know-how? Those days are over. Bitmagic is bringing 3D game creation to Steam for everyone. Just tell us what kind of game you want, and watch it come to life. No design skills or tech knowledge needed. It’s as easy as pie—and your no-code game creation tool is here.

Join the Free Playtest! Dive into a world where you can create and play games, all for free. Here’s how:

  • 1. Click the Request Access button in the Playtest section on the Bitmagic page on Steam to join the queue.
    2. We’ll periodically add participants from the queue to the Playtest.
    3. Once you’re in, create your own games and play your friends' games, all at no cost!

We’ve got a handy Playtest hover button that takes you straight to our Steam page. For your convenience, there’s a dedicated section below with more details.

Important Note: Ignore any outdated instructions about joining our Discord for early access. The correct way to get access is by clicking the Playtest button on our Steam page to join the queue. We’ve streamlined everything through Steam!

We know the Bitmagic community loves to stay connected. While Discord is still available, we know it hasn’t been super active. Instead, Steam’s Community Hub on our game page is the best place to stay connected. It’s perfect for sharing ideas, feedback, and connecting with fellow gamers.

The Bitmagic community thrives on creativity, collaboration, and fun. Whether you're sharing your latest game creation, offering tips, or chatting about your favorite games, the Community Hub is where it’s at.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and let your gaming creativity soar!

Let’s explore together!

Bitmagic on Discord

If you’d like early access to our platform, you're welcome to join the creative community on our Discord server.